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How We Help

Right Care Now Project / How We Help
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Our goal is to transform healthcare delivery for individuals with IDD, to make sure that everyone with IDD has access to expert care, wherever they live.    

Above all, we aim to prevent unnecessary suffering from ineffective and inexpert care.

For individuals and their guardians, we help give peace of mind in knowing that each individual’s health and safety is monitored. Issues we identify are given prompt, correct attention, and our system automatically rechecks to be sure that the proper care was received.

For residence providers and caregivers, we provide notification of potential health issues, and we assist with getting each client appropriate, responsive medical and behavioral support. We can provide trend information about the wellness of clients, to help each program demonstrate its excellent care.

For physicians and other providers, we help make sure that concise, accurate information is immediately available at a glance, so that visit time can be focused on the patient rather that searching for data. We also provide clinical support to help with the best management approach for each patient.

For state agencies, we assure that each client gets timely, expert, accountable care. We make care more affordable, by helping support all types of providers in making the best clinical judgments. We also provide overall trend information about client health and wellness and can quickly identify the individuals with health and healthcare issues that need focused attention.